CS @ UHM @ 2025: Stakeholder Perspectives, Version 1.0

  • We need to understand the “culture” around both the CS student body and the CS local workforce. Improving CS education and its local impact must take into account the culture.
  • We need to improve professional development. There were two recurrent themes regarding ways to better prepare our students for their profession: (1) go beyond “coding” to provide skills and experiences in various forms of software engineering, and (2) ensure that students have experience in real-world high tech companies through internships prior to graduation.
  • Offshore development is real, and is a threat to weakly prepared CS graduates. But it is not a threat if we do better at professional development.
  • There can be a bright future for high tech in Hawaii, one in which the local high tech community and UH work together to solve near and long-term problems.




Professor of Computer Science at the University of Hawaii https://philipmjohnson.org

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